Yep, that’s right, after like being away for one thousand years (well, not really that long), I’m coming back *cue start song: pink’s get this party started* I’m thinking of maybe a new website, a fresh start? I’m not sure yet. I’ve been gone for so long that I’m having to reteach myself HTML and all the basics, but luckily its all coming back to me (: well this is just my short blog saying that yes! I’m coming back


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what happened?

Life. It’s really that simple.  I joined a new sport for the spring, lacrosse.  Thus, my grades fell from not getting home until 8:00 PM at night.  I wouldn’t go to bed until 11ish to wake up at 5ish. 

Not that this post is supposed to be a venting blog.  Because it’s not.  I’m just explaining what happened.  I don’t need sympathy, because it’s not your fault I decided to join a sport and let my grades fall, get grounded, and lose my best friend all at once. 

All I’m trying to say is that I want to come back. Come back to regular updates, that is.  I miss all my affiliates and friends, so many have progressed while I’ve been gone.  I’ve just been through a lot lately; I’ve been drained a lot these past couple of months.

Thanks for understanding.  I’m not sure when I’m “coming back” but hopefully I will soon.  I hade made this pretty awesome layout a while back for when I went on a hosted site (ahem, like that ever happened) but I got this horrible virus on my computer and lost all my documents.  Which also sucked because I lost all my songs on my iPod-all 1,500 of them. Sucks, right?

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Yes, finally I am hosted. Many thanks to Rachael, my new host, for hosting me. I already have the layout done, I just need to upload all the pages and such. I’ll let you guys know when its up. (:

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Not Dead

Yes, I am alive.  No, I am not dead.  And no, the monsters did not come out in the middle of the night from underneath my bed and replace an alien clone with my body…or did they?

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Excuses, excuses, excuses

I’m sorry for not blogging. I know this sounds like excuse after excuse (which it probably is, anyways), but guys, I’ve been seriously sick these past couple of weeks. My temperature has been around 99-104, which if any of you know is defiantly not healthy. So, I have to get bloodwork done today to see if I might have a disease.

Isabelle, I’m sorry my site is not up yet. I know I promised a week, and now it’s been quite a while. I’m sorry to everyone for not checking my e-mail and not responding.

I hope you all had a wonderful and well Christmas or any other holiday you celebrate. I got plenty of gifts, which I would blog about, but I seriously feel like I have another fever. (too much information? sorry.)

I hope to be back soon (hopefully) if all goes well with the needle today. Gah, I have such a fear of needles. I think I’m going to cry.

On another quite happy note, I ended up seeing Nick Jonas. live. in person. Even though I’m sick, I would have risked dying to see the Jonas Brothers (yes, I saw all of them, but really who cares about Joe or Kevin?! It is all about Nick, man.) that way I would have died happy.

Okay, so this is the end of my short blog. I just wanted to keep everyone updated on what was happening with me. I’m sorry for the excuse after excuse, but this one is pretty serious. Thanks for understanding. If anyone wishes to delete me, not link me, not host me, feel free to. An e-mail would be nice informing me,but I don’t expect one.

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Hold on, let me get my dollar.

The blog title doesn’t make sense, I know, but let me just explain the story behind it. For the past couple of days at my lunch, there’s been this kid who has been always trying to show someone a magic trick but has had no success since he would gather round a huge crowd, and then the teachers would get all paranoid thinking a fight was going to break loose thus breaking up the magic trick. Therefore, showing his “magic” trick has had no avail. I had no idea, at first why people would stand around this kid, but half of the entire cafeteria would go up and watch him perform whatever trick he’s been trying to do for the past three weeks.

Today, though, the teachers finally allowed him to carry on with the actual trick part. And let me tell you, I’ve never seen a magic trick like this before in my life.

What he does, is he has someone hold a pencil for him. Then he takes a dollar bill and folds it in half. Then, the Harry Houdini gods come upon him and he takes the dollar folded in half and breaks the pencil in half with half a dollar. It’s amazing. He did it like 10 times in a row because the people at the cafeteria wanted to try to find out how he did it but no-one knows.

So, my friend and I having nothing better to do-well, actually we did, we both had to study, but who would study when you could talk about a guy who breaks pencils with half a dollar?-started talking about this. Somehow we got onto the subject of what would ever happen if he ever got into a fist fight with someone. We realized that he could use his dollar skills in a fist fight. My friend (acting as him) said, “Hold on, let me get my dollar.” And that he could chop up anyone’s arm as long as he had a dollar with him.

Oh, yeah my school has people who use dollar bills as their weapon. [:

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Two weeks

It’s been about two whole entire weeks since I’ve been able to get on my computer.  I’ll keep this blog short but my cousins had come over for Thanksgiving and decided to stay for about two weeks.  Anyways, I’ve just been able to get on my computer, so sorry for the non comment returning, non e-mail reading, site abandoning Lovely_lady.  The hosted site is on its way, hopefully it’ll be up shortly.  I believe I’ve returned all comments, e-mails, and updated my site so far, so I think I’m good for now.

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